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“Dear Hugo,

My wedding pictures are amazing!!  You did such a fantastic job of capturing the entire event and so many of the guests, plus the décor and the food — loved every single one of the photos.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

-Leslie Kise



Hey man, got the link last night and probably should have replied right then but I was so giddy and excited going through the pictures that time got away from me.  

I can not begin to thank you enough for everything! First of all, for doing this on such short notice and having such a positive, professional attitude about it–in fact everything you did displayed your class and professionalism. Again, the whole charade was a lot to ask with little to no prep time and you nailed it. 

And then the photos–AWESOME! I was shocked at some the incredible and imaginative shots you captured, and with all the variables you had to deal with as well.  You really captured the evening perfectly (which I was glad about because there were parts there where I may or may not have blacked out haha).

Thank you so much,”



“We just want to thank you again. We couldn’t be happier with the photos and are amazed by the number of angles/details Hugo caught…especially by himself!! Brian and I have been laughing/reliving the day for the last hour and a half and will undoubtedly cherish these photos forever. We had a blast working with both of you, wish you the best, and hope to run into you and Rick Bennett again soon (I have four more siblings and twenty-some-odd cousins…J)”


-Chelsea and Brian


“My boy is wicked smart.” 

-Ben A.